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The 4th birthday of our beloved son Joshua

I wished this post comes exactly on the 14th of November, when Joshua was born, but I did not managed :(
But better later then never, I hope he will forget me when he will be 18 years old :)
The main feeling I had before his birthday was summarized in this paragraph:
"Thank you Joshua, for choosing to come into our lives, for all the joy, beauty, innocence, wisdom and life you bring with you.
In the hardest moments I realized that not only you need us, but we also grow and learn so much by you being here.
A simple "Mama, I love you", a big hug, one of those radiant smiles and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...."

I think one can feel thins just when has a child, otherwise it is just theory and speculation. That does not mean that in our daily life there are not tensions or fights, difficulties or problems, but the amount of joy and happiness a child gives cannot be expressed without having one.

I will come later with a post about how his birthday was celebrated :)

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