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4th birthday reloaded, part I

I was preparing to write about it and I realised that if I let to much time to pass I will not do it anymore, so, here it is....
We were waiting for Joshua's birthday probably more then him, we were enjoying in advance the image of a happy little guy.
One week before we went shopping, with a list of things we wanted to buy for him, from us and from close people which gave us money to buy something we know he likes....
That whole evening after shopping I was happy just about thinking about how happy he will be and how he will make his happy dance around the gifts :)
We wanted that every birthday to be marked with something unique we do with him, like previous year we went for the first time by train.
This year the ideea was to go for the first time to a movie for kids at the cinema.
Soon, the "special day" came, the Sunday (one day before his birthday) and it was great.
We had a wonderfull time together, we spoiled ourselves and we did things we very rare do in the last periode, but with this ocasion we considered it was ok. The big sins were french fries from McDonalds, icecream from Bonta (people from Cluj know how gooood can it be).

Then, with full tummies we headed to the cinema, to see the first movie in the cinema with Joshua, and, even more, the first movie with glasses (3D). That was a big joy, our boy did not moved on the chair for an hour and a half.

And everything we felt it in peace, with joy, no hurry, just the delight of the moment...
At the end of the day, the conclusion "Thank you, I really enjoyed this special day" made it all complete and no more words needed...

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